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Irfan HQ

Brand Philosophy






Aesthetically dominant bold logo with elegant vectors

matched only by its custom created Arabic and

Latin typography.

The lowercase “h” amalgamation with the uppercase “Q”

symbolizes a meeting place for work and leisure as well as the

synergy created by the coming together of people under one

roof and sky.

The upward movement from lowercase to uppercase

insinuates the desirable growth in a sustainable environment

reminiscent of a seed sprouting.


The Irfan HQ visual identity performs like a boat’s sail, not it’s

anchor. The sails power lies in its flexibility in harnessing the

winds of change and expediting it’s branding journey.


As part of the flexibility of the brand, the corporate color

pallete incorporates the use of metallic colors that convey the

richness and sophistications of the brand, yet a core principle

of the overall visual brand identity color scheme strategy

revolves around owning a highly differentiated and unique

color. Turquoise.

The Turquoise color was inspired by the merging of the clear

blue sky and lush green oasis at Irfan HQ and its unique

location with the backdrop of the Hajjar mountains and the

view of the sea.

This vibrant corporate color scheme with its blending metallic

colors on one hand and contrasting vibrant turquoise color on

the other hand work successfully alongside the architectural

color scheme in a visual manifestation of the core positioning

statement, “A place to achieve, a place to thrive”.

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