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The La Baguette chain of sixteen outlets was established in Kuwait in 1983. It was the first chain of its kind in Kuwait and was a huge success.


As the years went by, many of the founders and/or key members of La Baguette departed to start their own operations, which competed directly with the La Baguette brand.


As a result, the brand suffered in both quality and product design, which led to financial loss and the recent sale of the company to a group of entrepreneurs – the client of Paragon International.


The new owners have invested heavily in developing a superior range of improved products intended for the local market.


Still, they wanted  to maintain the La Baguette name since the La Baguette brand enjoys a high level of brand awareness and recognition despite the negative connotations of the past few years.

The owners agreed upon a solution that was simple in theory “ keep the name, change everything else” – in order to communicate the positive change.

In reality, this was not an easy task, as Paragon had to develop a totally new and different visual identity.


The designers first created a modern logo that clearly differentiates today's La Baguette from the previous logo and those of competitors.

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Reveal Ad



By utilizing all of the above tools and methods, Paragon International was able to rejuvenate the La Baguette brand. By elevating its image and updating its look, which directly contributed to increasing the brands market share in a record time frame, La Baguette regained its position as a market leader. A rejuvenated image can not only keep a client base, but also help attracts new customers

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La Baguette as a case study and example of identity design project has been featured in numerous international books on graphic design as well as was awarded with 2 (Gold and Silver) Summit International Awards.

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